FifteenAnd SendTime (FAST) Class

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Fifteen And Send Time (FAST) is a new titling class offered (Jan 2007) by the AKC. At present time, there is no FAST titling requirement for MACH's. 


  • Fifteen (15) obstacles are assigned points values (of which 6 are bar jumps).
  • Six bar jumps are worth 1 point each (no bars are reset during a run if displaced). These 1-pt bar jumps can be taken as often as the handler chooses but only for a total of 6 pts.
  • Nine other pointed obstacles are worth 2 – 10 points. These may only be taken once for the designated points, in an order selected by the handler/dog.
  • Non-pointed obstacles may be on the course and may be taken as desired.
  • Obstacles that are designated as bi-directional may be taken in either direction.
  • Weave poles are pointed obstacles at all levels (Novice = 6 poles; Open/Excellent = 9-12 poles)
  • No obstacle may be taken consecutively (twice in a row). If faulted, you need to go to another obstacle and then come back to it. However, weave poles may be immediately restarted.
  • Minimum of 2, maximum of 3 unique contact obstacles on the course

o Maximum of 4 contact obstacles may be completed for point (1 may be taken twice if designated as a dual point value obstacle).

o If a contact is faulted while attempting for points, another obstacle must be done before reattempting. If handlers reattempt contact without going to another obstacle, there will be a double-whistle and must immediately exit to finish obstacle to keep the time and score.

  • Dog/handler attempting to repeat previously successfully completed contact obstacle or weaves shall result in a double-whistle and must immediately exit to finish obstacle to keep the time and score.

Send Bonus

  • Send Bonus must be successfully completed to Q
  • Handler may never step into the Send Zone unless the dog has completed the final send obstacle with all four feet. Dog may be in the area at any time.
  • 4-Paw Rule is in effect if there is a contact in the Send Bonus
  • Minimum of 2 and maximum of 3 obstacles in the Send Bonus (Novice = 2 obstacles, Open = 2-3 obstacles, Excellent = 3 obstacles)
  • Handler line distance depends on class (Novice = 5-10 ft, Open = 10-15 ft, Exc = 15-20 ft)
  • In Open/Excellent, obstacle discrimination and changes of flow allowed.
  • Refusals/Runouts/Missed Contacts/Wrong Courses are scored for determining completion of Send Bonus once dog completes the first obstacle
    • Send Bonus starts once all 4 feet have completed the 1st obstacle
    • Send Bonus completed once all 4 feet have completed the last obstacle (on the ground)
    • Individual points of each obstacle during the Send Bonus also awarded
    • “Bonus” verbally announced at successful completion of the Send Bonus
    • “Fault” verbally announced if there is an error in the send that negates the bonus
  • Table may only be used as the last obstacle in the Send Bonus. Dog only needs to get on with all four feet; no sit/down/stand or stay necessary and dog may continue course.


  • 80 points max score available (60 points for all obstacles + 20 points for Send Bonus)
  • Points required to Q: Novice = 50 pts, Open = 55 pts, Excellent = 60 pts)
  • SCT for all levels: 8 inches = 38 sec; 12/16 inches = 35 sec; 20/24/26 inches = 32 sec [Preferred: 4 inches = 41 sec; 8/12 inches = 38 sec; 16/20 inches = 35 sec]
  • Horn (or single whistle) sounds at SCT; 1 point lost for each full second over SCT until dog (not handler) completes the finish obstacle.
  • No points may be earned for obstacles completed after the SCT. Obstacles completion requires all 4 feet on the ground.
  • Dogs may go to the finish obstacle any time prior to the SCT if desired.
  • Finish obstacle is “live” once the dog has crossed the start line
  • Can still be whistled off the course for all Excusals as noted in the Agility Regs. This will result in a “No Time” and an NQ.
  • Placements based on highest total points first, and then time for ties.